Why you should consider buying a home with a garden


Why you should consider buying a home with a garden

Before buying a home there are so many factors to consider especially if you have a family. These factors include, security, proximity to public transport, the neighbourhood itself and many more. Does having a garden fall in the category of important factors? Here are some reasons why you should consider having a garden.

A garden is perfect for children

When children play in the garden they not only have fun but also have the opportunity to develop their sensory abilities. These abilities are exponentially increased from sensory exposure to the natural world and is one of the reasons why they become smarter, stronger and healthier. Encountering rain, sun, cold, ants and other wildlife helps them build understanding and confidence.

Extra living space

Outdoor entertainment is not just a significant aspect in people’s lifestyles it is essential. Inner city homes that lack outdoor space can have a negative impact on one’s sense of freedom unless you travel away from the overpopulated suburbs in search of the great outdoors.¬†In fact, inner city neighbourhoods have now acknowledged the importance of garden space to the extent of investing in communal gardens, managed and used solely by residents.

Good for resale or leasing

Perhaps you own an extensive garden that you do not fully utilize, you could consider selling part of it to a neighbour or possible a contractor wishing to build a small dwelling on the plot. Alternatively you can rent out part your garden space as an allotment. If your garden is close to the main road, you can rent it out to advertising firms looking to place billboards or to financial institutions wishing to put up a mobile masts. Obviously you would need to check restrictions from your local council but any of these could bring in extra cash.

Sustainable living

We all remember ‘The Good Life’ popular TV series from the 70’s but with vital household goods and consumables becoming more and more expensive, it makes more financial logic to grow your own vegetables now more than ever at the same time as helping the environment too. Think how much you would save not having to buy vegetables from the market. Fresh home grown vegetables are not only healthy but tastier too, you’ll be the envy of your neighbours as they proudly blossom in the garden.

Whatever your grounds you cannot undervalue the benefits of relaxing in a green environment after a hard day’s work. So if you are about to¬†purchase a new house think carefully if you really need to forfeit the benefits that come with having a garden. At BYMV we wish you well as you plan to move into a new home. Being among the most reliable removal companies in London we will always be ready to move you when that need arises. Get in touch with us on 020 3327 7300.

Article written by Simon Gare
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