Why you seriously need to move out


moving out

Why you seriously need to move out

Ok, so you wouldn’t be moving out as young as the boy in this picture but for first time movers, moving out of your parents home is usually an exhilarating experience. If you have ever considered the thought of leaving home this article might just give you that extra push to make it happen. Of course, first things first can you actually afford to? Make sure you are financially stable and if you are working that your employment is secure and / or your contract is renewable, in reality you should really have the money to cover 3 months rent, or mortgage if you are a first time buyer, and bills set aside. If you don’t can you parents help maybe?


Location is an important factor that contributes to moving out. People want to move to an area that fits in with their lifestyle. Do you want move closer to the city? Do you want to live near your workplace or perhaps you are a student and want to move closer to your university? Whatever it is, you want to live in a neighbourhood that better suits your interests.


Nothing matches the feeling of having freedom to live the way you want to. Leaving the confines of your Parents house and moving somewhere new guarantees a new lifestyle with your own rules, no restrictions or curfews and to manage your responsibilities at your own pace and in your own way. This could mean you have a whole house to yourself with nobody dictating on how you should live.

You can now decorate your home the way you want. Personal style is everything and the only limit here is your imagination. You no longer have to put up with something you don’t like. Use the internet to browse room ideas and colour schemes to see what takes your fancy, now you have the freedom go and express yourself!.


You will need to decide whether you want to share a living space with other people. Having a roommate can be both fun and a good choice because you can split the living costs between you and help each other clean, decorate and cook. Make sure that the people, or person, you are sharing with can afford the rent though, the last thing you need is being left footing the bill for the whole lot!. It’s also a good idea to live with someone who has similar interests perhaps your best friend or maybe your partner? Moving in together and living with your best friend is both exciting and challenging and is certainly a test of your relationship. Living with others ensures that you’ll never get bored and also teaches you how to make sacrifices for your friends so that everyone is happy.

Its a good idea to draw up a set of house-rules before you start living together, don’t leave this until after! Sit down and discuss this thoroughly, don’t try to do this in one sitting, draw up a draft that you both / all agree on then sit on it for a couple of days and sit down together to see if anyone wants to change anything. get it signed by all of you, although this will not form a legal binding agreement it does set in stone in the mind that they agreed to the rules. However if you have decided to live on your own and in a new town you will want to start looking for new friends, here are some secrets that will help you.

Growing up

One good reason to move out is purely because you believe you at the right age. Your parents will be sad about you moving out so its a good idea to give them a little closure, discuss with them what to do with your old room, give it a makeover, maybe paint it for them once you’re out? Maybe Dad needs office space, or Mum wants a hobby, or guest, room and your old room fits the bill. This may be a way to prove to yourself and to your family that you can do this. Taking this decision is a significant step in the maturing process. Ultimately though it’s your choice, the course is yours to shape.

Financial Responsibility

Moving out comes with responsibility. Not only will you be living alone but also paying for utilities, rent and shopping. Even though this might look like a less exciting aspect, taking responsibility for these things gives you the sense of achievement being in command or control of your new life. Make a list of all expenses including the Sky or cable package you want to watch your favourite channels, your mobile phone, transport and anything else that you can think of. Create a budget and stick to it! you could do without going cap in hand back to the bank of mum and dad. Use a spreadsheet to list all expenses and monitor your payments.

So, when you have decided to move out you will need to use our checklist to help you when renting a new property and don’t forget to look for a trustworthy man and van company. We appreciate the fact that this might be your first move, so we would want it to be remarkable. Also for students wishing to move we offer a 10% discount.  Just call and one of our staff will answer all of your concerns.

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