Which is the perfect office rental location? North vs South London


office rental north or south London

Which is the perfect office rental location, North or South London

So, you have decided to find an office to rent in the capital, but you are not certain which part to move into. The South v North divide is common among Londoners not just in terms of geographical locations, but also in terms of heritage, culture and taste.

Many who have relocated to London or have lived there for a long time are very protective and territorial about their respective regions. Making a move to London is a big decision and therefore, being a 100% satisfied with your office rental is non-negotiable. So, will it be north or south, which is best?

London Transport

The North of London is privileged to be covered by an efficient London Underground Tube system. Many of the rental buildings in this part can be accessed easily via the tube, and are at a close proximity from each station. The capital boasts of a first-class transport system and even when the tube is being renovated, there is usually a replacement bus service all set to offer alternative travel.

The south is slightly covered by the tube. Instead it runs in suburban train systems and buses, which according to some people, offer a more enjoyable experience compared to underground tubes.

If you drive to the office and your rental space is in central London, you probably would incur the congestion charge. Moreover, parking spaces are very limited and most London buildings that have parking often have to charge an additional fee for the service.


Traditionally prices in North London tend to be slightly higher than in south and that means you are likely to get more value for your money in the south. The size of the office you need greatly determines the rental prices you will pay.

A few years back, many areas in south London were ‘up and coming’; so, those who grabbed the opportunity back then, were very lucky. Today, you might be very lucky to get some of these unbelievable deals.


London is a lively cultural city and if you reside in south or north, you will have countless of good restaurants, bars, theatres, parks, museums and other social places to keep you relaxed. Parks and scenery in the North include Hampstead Health and Primrose Hill, while in the south you have Clapham Common and Wimbledon. Now you have an idea look for an office to rent on Gumtree and also the Regus website that consolidates office space all over London.

What next?

Once you have made your decision its time to look at what you will need to do, for starters you need to prepare your employees for the move, it’s important to keep them motivated, you will need to plan the IT move, this is a tricky one and needs careful planning, also you need to consider what to tell your loyal customers you don’t want to lose their custom especially if they have been using you for years and lastly of course what to do if it’s raining on the day.

To sum up, looking for an office to rent and choosing between north or south depends on ones own preferences. However, no matter your decision we would be happy to move you. We know London like the palm of our hands, hence can relocate you to any part in London. Contact us on 020 3327 7300 and see your office move becoming a reality.

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