Where to sell your unwanted items before moving house


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Where to Sell Your Unwanted Items Before Moving House

The only good thing about moving is that, it offers you an opportunity to get rid of things you do not need. This is the apt time to sort things out before moving. And guess what, these items will earn you some money. Also, avoiding the use of large removal vans as a result of fewer items, is economically viable. In some cases, a man with a van service would be appropriate, hence saving you more cash.

On the other hand, the items being sold, should be in good condition so that buyers may still find them useful. you can’t sell these items at the price you bought them, unless they have never been used or they are totally good as new.  It is widely known that, many items depreciate over time; hence, the pricing scheme must be pocket friendly.

Finding the Right Market

There are many market platforms where you can sell your goods. You only need to know who your target audience is, and where to get them. However, here are some few suggestions of channels you can use to reach the right buyers.

  • Online social media platforms and online stores – This involves disposing your items via Face book, twitter, and online stores such as Amazon and eBay. Just take photos of the unwanted goods, upload them and write compelling descriptions to accompany them and viola! Wait patiently until you get a tangible offer from prospective buyers.
  • Garage sale – Create an inviting and a welcoming store set-up at your own house garage. Display your stuff according to category and label the prices accordingly. This makes it easier for your buyers to find what they need.
  • Consignment stores – These shops specialize vintage clothing.  However, they also accept top quality outfits that you might have used once or a few times. The stores offer a relatively fair discount in exchange for the clothes though most will only compensate you when the clothes have been sold.
  • Community bazaar and flea market – You can offload your house furniture and other unwanted stuff here. Be open to customers that negotiate and haggle, as this is acceptable.

Always remember, some of the things that you might find of no use may be worthwhile to others.  Find a home for these things instead of throwing them away. A right appraisal combined with the apt selection of your marketplace will definitely, give you extra income to use in your relocation process.

After disposing these items, you only have to find a good house removal company to move you to your new home. Now that you have fewer items, an experienced company should take less time to effect your move.  There are many removal companies offering their services nowadays, so you should be keen on your research. We have a large removal fleet that can handle your remaining goods effectively at a cost-effective rate. We value every client no matter the size of the move involved. Feel free to contact us, if you are relocating within London, and you will be guaranteed of a safe and hassle-free move.

The sites listed below are ideal to sell those items before you move;

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