What you need to know when moving office in London


moving office in london

What You Need to Know When Moving Office in London

Are you planning to move office? Then you should read this.

First things first – select your new premises carefully.

What do you need to consider?

  1. Is the new office space enough for you and your workforce, and is there room for expansion when your business grows?
  2. Does it have good public transportation links?
  3. Is it easy for clients to visit?
  4. It is a realistic commute for existing employees? – Your staff will need a good transport system to get to work easily.
  5. Local amenities (shops, restaurants, pharmacies, bars etc.)
  6. Does it have good access to major roadways?
  7. Does it have excellent access to major airports and stations?
  8. Access to a ‘talent pool’ of potential employees?
  9. Is there ample parking on-site or nearby FREE parking available?
  10. Is the premise secure? Ensure that, not only is your office building secure, but also the surrounding area? How will this affect your insurance?
  11. Check if the premise has all the other facilities that are handy in an office – WiFi – ample power sockets, drinking water, kitchen, toilets and possibly showers, heating systems and air conditioners.
  12. Are any competitors based nearby?
  13. Are the other tenants good quality companies?
  14. Are there any off-putting noises, smells or other issues?

Give yourself enough time to find an ideal office space that suits all your working requirements. Use a local agent to help you as they will know the area as opposed to a consolidator who emails ads from a sign up site. Give yourself a reasonable deadline – do not take forever as this may lead to lost opportunities.

Whatever you settle on, your priorities should be to bargain the terms of your lease in way that you will benefit from the relocation. It is often necessary that you obtain legal advice to achieve this correctly. Remember, for a new business, a flexible lease would be perfect. However, if you are confident enough to prefer a less-flexible lease, it might take longer to negotiate.


You must consider these important assets during an office relocation, we have detailed how to manage change from an HR perspective here to assist you in keeping the resistance at a minimum as well as preparing employees for the move.

Technical considerations

The moving of IT services usually involves a lot of communication between you and your providers, it’s important to review which services you currently use. At least 45 days prior to the move ensure the availability and connectivity of the services at the new location and whether you can have your internet and phones activated at the new location a day or two before d-day. This will make for a smoother transition. If you have services on a static IP address, such as website, email or other web services, alternative steps will be needed to maintain continuity during the move.

Getting rid

As this is a fresh start for the business think whether you need to shift unwanted or unused furniture and other equipment to your new office. Especially with long distance moves it can be costly to move everything to the new office. It may be time to consider selling old desks and chairs and updating furniture and equipment. This will really help to create an atmosphere of “new beginnings” for all employees.

Communicating the move

You have already thought about the need to print new business cards and stationary with your new address but have you thought about notifying your clients old and new? Your website, social media accounts, and business directories, Google and Bing places, Yell and Yelp + many others must be updated at the same time so customers can find you. A smart move is to include a special notice on your website and at the bottom of all e-mails stating that you have moved, listing the new address. There are many methods you can adopt to ensure your clients stay with you after the move.

Find an expert in office removals

After you have handled the above it’s time you looked for a reliable London removal company that will facilitate your move – and that where we come in. At BYMV (Book Your Man with a Van) we do not simply relocate your office, we help you move with minimum disruptions. Our team is well trained to handle all kinds of office removals safely and efficiently. We will completely manage your office removal, starting with an initial pre-move on-site survey, and then tailor our service to handle all your requirements within time restrictions and budget. Please contact us via email enquiries@bookyourmanwithavan.com to arrange a free site visit to your London office. Alternatively, you can click here for a free online quote and price.

Planning the move

  1. Talk to IT specialists about the transition as you will need all of the equipment up and running so not to have any down-time.
  2. Put someone reliable in charge of managing the packing and the move on the day
  3. Secure the date and time of the move with the removals company
  4. Check your new and old office is fully secure so things don’t go missing during the move
  5. Label everything
  6. Check the staff holiday rota to make sure the key people are available
  7. Make sure all your staff know what and when to tell clients
  8. Have an extra someone on hand the day of the move to help deal with last minute snags and problems


Speaks for itself really, you’re all moved in and operational, now take the staff out for a few well earned drinks.

Final word of course DONT forget about your employees! Prepare and engage them and make them feel part of this exciting time in your companies history.

If you haven’t found anywhere as yet see Regus office solutions then come to us for the removals.

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