What would make a perfect home?


perfect home

What would make a perfect home?

So here is a difficult question! And I am sure that there is no real definitive answer, why? Apologies in advance but I am probably going to bore you for the first 5 minutes. Ok, so based on my experience I was brought up in the leafy suburb of

Harrow-on-the-Hill (well, it was back in the 70’s), which is home to the famous Harrow Public School, no I wasn’t lucky enough to attend. I stayed in the vicinity for many years until, in my late thirties, I moved to Amersham in Buckinghamshire. I remember the first few days there thinking why didn’t I do this years ago? (isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing). Apart from number 2 in the list below I can honestly tick every other box, Amersham is an idyllic ‘postcard’ town with a sense of community which we felt immediately welcomed into by our neighbours and even the local Mayor. In 2009 during a takeover of my business I was required to move my family, my wife and 2 children, to Mayfair London W1.

Let me set the picture, Amersham is perfect in every way and now we are moving to a Park Lane, Mayfair apartment opposite Hyde Park in the thriving capital that is London. Not daunted, but apprehensive, we move into a building where our neighbours include actors’ Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (Mrs Douglas) amongst others. You are wondering where I am going with this, ok I’ll wrap this up, apart from number 2 below I can honestly say that it ticked every box, and then some!. From my personal perspective it was the complete opposite from Amersham but with equally as much to offer but in a different way, my Wife’s perspective is slightly different and I am sure she will comment below lol. So the question “what makes the perfect home”, for me, is a difficult one to answer, but who am I, let the facts speak for themselves.

Now to the facts, according to research carried out by Banner Homes across two thousand that were surveyed the ideal home;

  • Is less than 2 miles from a supermarket and newsagent
  • Is within ten miles from the sea
  • Is within walking distance from the local pub
  • Is surrounded by good neighbours (both sides and opposite)
  • Is less than 5 miles from the woods or greenbelt
  • Has off road parking
  • Has a spare-room for guests
  • Has an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom
  • Has high speed internet access
  • Has a garden with nice lawn area

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? How many people actually live like this as a %age of population? I don’t know the answer but of those surveyed 6 out of ten people say that they don’t feel part of their local community and the largest factor is that they don’t know their neighbours well enough, with 10% of these stating they do not trust them. 50% of them said that there was no sense of community at all, which is no surprise as, on average, adults attend 2 local events within their local community a year.

33.3% of people say that having a pet makes for a happy home with dogs leading cats in the pecking order. On a positive note dining as a family was highly rated although in reality sitting together to eat in most cases is a luxury with the hectic lives we all lead.

In any case if this article drives you to search for your perfect home then let us here at BYMV provide you with a first class man with a van to help you realise your dream home. Contact us using the information on the right.

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