What size home is appropriate for your family?


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What size home is appropriate for your family?

Many people have the conception that raising a family in a large suburban house will guarantee happiness, however, this is not always the case. Modern families don’t need a large house and depending on the size of your family, and lifestyle, it works equally as well in a smaller place.

Here are some factors you can consider to determine the right size home for your family. Obviously it depends on where you live, the closer to the equator the more of an outdoor lifestyle you and your children will lead, this way you incorporate the outdoor space into the indoor space making the dwelling larger by default. Some of us are not that lucky unfortunately.

Size of the family

If you have 6 or more children then hats off to you, well done, in which case you will need a big home, unless of course you expect to squeeze them into one room. When children are young it’s quite easy to have them cohabit in the same room, but as they grow older it is obvious that they will need their own space and privacy. If this is the case your ideal home has to be big enough to accommodate their individual needs, bear in mind that if you are a family that frequently has guests visiting having a spare room is important to ensure that they feel comfortable whenever they stay.

Storage space

Having adequate storage space is an important factor in any home, in a house hopefully you still have the attic / loft space but in an apartment this is a little trickier. Having a storage room obviously costs you more money, so if you have a lot to be stored you should consider disposing or selling. Another option, depending on finances is of course a storage unit such as Big Yellow Storage.


You will need space for all your pets, if you own a dog – especially a large breed – then your home and garden size needs to be quite spacious. It’s cruel to keep big animals in small spaces, so even if your house is small, ensure that you have a decent size yard or garden for them to roam in. Alternatively, if your home is close to a park you can consider taking your dog regularly for a walk.


There is nothing pleasant about moving house, in fact it’s stressful. Therefore, if you are planning to move house, ensure that it is spacious enough to let your family grow and live comfortably for at least 10 years. The majority of ‘just married’ couples wish to have children sooner rather than later, they probably plan on 1 but end up with 2, and as kids grow they require more space of their own. In a nutshell it is wise to plan ahead and source a property that will be appropriate for their future family.

All in all for you to move in your new home successfully you will need a removal company to help you. We can provide you with a great man and van service, we are always ready to cater for our clients’ moving needs. Feel free to call us on 020 3327 7300 and see how we can help you.

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