Things you immediately need to do when you move into a new house


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Things you immediately need to do when you move into a new house

Moving into a new house seems all very exciting at the beginning but if you don’t customise the place as soon as you move in it will never feel like home! What should you do to make your new residence feel more accommodating, just like the old one.

Clean everything

If a home clean service wasn’t hired prior to your move you are going to need to get stuck in and if you can do it yourself then this would be better, maybe friends can help you? Post on Facebook see what the responses are like . No matter how good everything seemed on the walk-through, you are certain to find random issues like water spots, dust and cob webs in the corners, soap scum and other stains in the bathroom and around the kitchen sink. Until your predecessors’ dirt removed you will feel their presence lingering in the house.

Get a new toilet seat

This is a must, although the favourable option would be to rip it out and replace it the budget probably wouldn’t allow and then of course you have the matching issue.  However if you are just a tenant this is not possible so pop down to your local DIY store and buy a new seat, take the old one with you or maybe a template made out of cardboard if you are travelling on public transport as toilets come in different shapes and sizes.

Hook up the internet

There is a certain amount of satisfaction felt the moment your internet is hooked up. Now you can connect with your old friends, watch movies or search for tips on what to do when moving into a new home.  They say internet makes the world a global village, sure enough, you wish not to be isolated from the rest of the world once you move to your new place.

Decorate your house

This one of the most important element that makes your place feels like home. Have your favourite photos and portraits around you. Obviously, most of them have a sentimental value, and by having them in your house makes it feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Share photos on the internet

If you love sharing photos with your friends, this is the right time. After having everything in your house ready, take photos and share them on Facebook or Instagram. The sooner your family and pals start viewing it as “your home” the sooner you will, too.

We love to hear your success stories, or how you overcame a disaster when moving. We go beyond providing a house removals service. We would love to hear what you do to make yourself feel at home in your new place. You can leave your feedback on the comment section below if you have any suggestions not listed above.

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