The best time to carry out an office move


office move best time

The best time to carry out an office move

When scheduling an office move planning is key. Planning ensures you and your staff have enough time to prepare and organise. One of the most crucial aspects of planning is choosing the best time to execute the move. Strategic timing guarantees your move is economical, flexible and favourable for employees.

Most people relocate during the summer, making it the busiest time of the year to move. During the peak season moving companies are fully booked to accommodate the overwhelming number of clients. Not only are the removal companies busy during this period, but it is also when your workers may wish to take break and spend time with their children who are on summer holiday, ideally your employees need to be present during the move. If possible, try also to avoid moving at the end or beginning of the month, this coincides with pay dates as well as move in dates for new lease agreements. Opt for a mid-month move when office operations tend to be slower.

Although many people choose to move at the weekends this can be challenging for an office relocation. Staff may be unwilling to give up their weekends, but are probably more likely to opt to move during the weekdays. Try relocating during the weekdays in order to get more participation, in addition, you will avoid the weekend rush.

One way to make sure that you get cost-effective moves and best scheduling options is to move during the off-season. In the summer, there is a high demand, which makes the removal companies charge high rates for their services, similar to the way that airlines operate.

Moving off-season also lets you enjoy services that are more flexible as movers are not as active, you will enjoy more options for pick-up and delivery time slots. This results in an easier, convenient, move that suits your schedule. The removal company will be more flexible and change the time and date of your move if you so wish, whereas in the summer they may not have the ability to do so.

When making an off-season move, you are likely to get or be in a position to access extra resources. This is particularly helpful for major or complex moves which you may have had to carry out a site survey for. In the peak season every removal man will already be assigned to a task, it can be tricky to get additional resources if you need to beat a deadline.

As you are planning for your next move, keep in mind that;

  • Mid-week moves are more convenient for your employee and they are more likely to participate
  • You will get the best rates during the off-peak period
  • Off-season moves presents greater flexibility and extra resources
  • Business is slower mid-month, making it a perfect time to move

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