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Save money on Student Removals

Nowadays removal companies are operating all across the country, although not all are equally affordable and trustworthy these companies provide removal services to families, businesses, individuals and of course students.

Usually student removals involve moving insubstantial quantity of items compared to those of an office or family move. Most students operate on a tight budget which is why you should try to save as much as possible when it comes to moving. Here are some tips you can follow to reduce the cost of moving.

1. Share moving costs

Do you have a friend who you are planning to share a house with? Careful as to who you move in with, take a look at some of these characters. Why not plan a move on the same day to reduce cost. You can have the removal company collect your friends belongings en-route to your new home. Have the items packed before the removal company arrives to avoid any delays. If you are renting then use this list to help you. See if the company operates a 1 hour service for short distances or quarterly hour billing which will reduce costs if the time runs over that has been booked, So many times we have heard stories about a 15 minute overrun that gets billed for a whole hour. Also chance your arm, use your student status and push them for a bigger discount.

2. Move some of the items yourself

The amount you pay for removal services is quoted after considering factors like total miles travelled, number of hours required and more. The perfect way to minimise these expenses is by organising your items appropriately. Use the removal service to transport heavy and sensitive items that you do not wish to risk moving yourself, leave out items such as books, clothes and other smaller items that you could possibly move yourself in your car or even public transport.

3. Avoid buying new items before the move

Do not buy new appliances, furniture or anything else prior to a move. Additional items will make your load more bulky thereby escalating your moving costs. It is always advisable to purchase things once you relocate at your new house.

4. Be creative

Many removal firms provide supplementary materials such as tape, bubble wrap and package boxes but these are expensive, try your local supermarket for packing boxes or the local newsagent for old newspapers to wrap and pack for free, be creative and use these boxes and packing materials to reduce costs and at the same time helping the environment.

All said and done it’s also good to go for an experienced company that will make your move more exciting. Do not be blinded by low-quotes, quality is also important. At Book Your Man with a Van we really value students. That is why we have offers specifically tailored for college and university students, we offer a 10% student discount if you identify yourself as a student when booking over the phone, just call our free phone number¬†0800 6226683.

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