Renting a new property then check this out


renting a new property

Renting a new property

If you are renting a property chances are you have done this before and know what to expect, however you can’t afford to leave anything to chance so here is a list to help you.

Things to consider when renting your new home

The exterior of the property

  • Is the exterior of the property in good condition
  • Do the locks on external windows and doors work properly
  • Does the property have an a burglar alarm fitted
  • If there is a garden who is responsible for it’s maintenance
  • Check out the area around the location
  • Are the neighbours nice

The interior of the property

  • Is the interior of the property in good condition
  • If a furnished property is the furniture in good order and clean to use, also does it comply with fire safety regulations
  • Does the central heating and radiators work as they should
  • Is there plenty of storage space available
  • Have the electrics been safety tested and are all the bulbs working
  • Do the white goods in the kitchen work as they should and have they been tested for safety
  • Are the kitchen utensils good enough to use
  • Are the carpets and curtains clean, will the property be professionally cleaned before you move in
  • Is the bathroom clean and does everything work as it should
  • Can you change the decor to your taste,
  • Are smoke alarms fitted in the correct areas and tested
  • Can you see they gas safety record as well as all other safety test reports

Once you are happy and have signed the relevant documents you will need a man with van, give us a call using the information on the right and we will be happy to help you.

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