On-Site surveys are they important for preparing an office move?


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Are on Site surveys important for preparing an office move?

Performing a corporate relocation or a simple office move calls for meticulous coordination and planning. There is no template as each move is unique. To make sure you are fully prepared your office removals company should visit and perform an on-site survey detailing your items, access points and restrictions based on time of day and/or parking. During the survey they will try to determine the complexity of the move and the ideal approach to relocate your assets.  This survey also helps to determine the equipment, crew, vans and timing requirements perfect for your office move.

The survey should also take into account the weather forecast on the moving day as this can have a major impact on the time that it takes to perform, wet weather will delay the items being loaded whilst too high a temperature will slow down the crew. Another point that the survey should identify is IT requirements, it may be that you have contracted an external company to move your IT infrastructure in which case they should liaise with the removals company contracted.

Organising the moving crew

The crew should be tailored to fit the requirements of your move, the survey helps to determine how much man-power will be required on the day itself. To maximise efficiency the crew should be categorised into teams, based on their expertise and training for the project.

Does your move require special equipment?

They should have on-board a variety of moving equipment to safely relocate your assets. The survey will determine the equipment required to conduct a seamless move. Tail-lifts and carriers make for a swift, easy move of your furniture, while transit blankets, bubble wrap and special padding protects fragile items. Other equipment that they should use includes:

  • Roller lifts
  • Logistic straps
  • Four-wheel dollies
  • Corner boards
  • Elevator protection vinyl
  • Corrugated rolls

How many vans are required?

Offices moves are not all the same, some will need more vans than others, the more assets or items you have in your office the more you will require. Therefore the survey is important to determine the number and types of vans that will work best for your move.


We are aware that timing is vital and delays can be costly especially for an office move. Once you have decided the best time to move office we design our crew so that each van with man takes the shortest load and unload time possible. The on-site survey will identify approximately how much time it will take to carry out the move.

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