Moving house with a baby?


moving house with a baby

Moving House with a Baby

When you family begins to expand it’s only natural to appreciate that your present home is no longer large enough for your requirements especially if you have a newborn you will find yourself looking for a bigger house. Relocating to a new house and at the same time being a new parent can be a stressful road to tread. Here is a practical guide to help ease the process.

To start with you should never fear asking for help, this is the universal rule of thumb for any parent. If you have never moved house before let me assure you that no matter how well organized you think you are the days leading up to a move are manic. Don’t panic though when moving with a baby the stress that we feel isn’t felt in the same way, they are unsettled purely because of a disruption in routine that’s all. For young children though the stress is similar to that we feel and there are some books that will help with moving house with children. There is also some great advice here to ensure the moving experience is child friendly.

The perfect place for a baby to be when moving home is at a friends or grandparent’s home if possible. Your stress levels on the day will already be at 100% and you don’t want your little one picking up on those vibes. However, if you choose to have baby around you when you move you need to think carefully when you are packing their things. Look around the house days beforehand and create a list of your children’s belongings, essential items should be kept or packaged close enough together to avoid undue stress when moving. Explain to your man and van moving company that the baby’s furniture, clothes, and toys in their room is to be the very last thing on the removal van and first things off. It is vital to make sure that everything your child needs is ready as soon as you arrive at your new home. Things like blankets and favourite cuddly toys should be available to use the first day you relocate. This is to maintain the same smell and visual environment baby is used to. If possible use the same bedding that the baby slept in the previous night at the old house. If the move is late in the afternoon / early evening then make sure that the cot is erected first so if you are feeling tired and you are unable to unpack everything at least baby will sleep comfortably.

Important items that need to be with you in the car on the rear of the van

  • Disposable nappies, pack more than you need
  • Prepared bottles
  • Hat and sunscreen lotion
  • Baby wipes
  • Buggy or pushchair
  • Favourite toys
  • First aid kit

If you are travelling a long distance make sure you take regular breaks, bring some of baby’s toys to keep them amused for the trip. You may need to explain to the movers that you will arrive after them due to the breaks.

From us, we wish you a stress-free moving experience. Feel free to browse through our website and check our reviews to see how reliable we are, our clients come back to us for all their removal services time and time again.

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