How to successfully move into an unfinished house


how to move into an unfinished house

How to successfully move into an unfinished house

Ok so you probably wouldn’t move into a house as incomplete as the one in the picture but at times we have no choice but to move into an incomplete home that is mid-way through renovation. Moving into an incomplete / half-renovated house is a tricky for most, for some it’s daunting especially if you have children and simply too much to comprehend. With careful planning though, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

When you think about it in a wider perspective, buying and moving into a half-renovated property can be a worthwhile and meaningful experience. Not only is it somewhat economical, but also gives you an opportunity to create something personal. You do not have to complete all the tasks immediately but gradually impose your stamp, look and feel that fits your lifestyle.

Why an incomplete house

Purchasing an unfinished house is an ideal way to improve on your equity. By putting all your effort into the project, you greatly boost it’s value. If done properly you will, eventually, realise the profit and a considerate one at that purely based on the time and energy you have invested, otherwise know as sweat equity.

Sometimes, getting a mortgage company to lend on an incomplete house can be difficult and certainly asking them to increase the amount of money to complete the renovation can be complicated. Reason being, should you default on your monthly payments the mortgage company would have difficulties selling an incomplete house compared to a finished one.

Before moving in

If you are buying a house that is not complete and you wish to move in, first have it inspected to establish if anything structurally is dangerous, also have the electrics and heating checked too. If the house has been unoccupied for a long period of time it could have damp issues which would need treatment. Excess moisture can lead to warped floorboards and joists, door frames, mould and corroded pipes.

Once you determine what needs to be repaired or finished you will also need to work out the cost involved. For the tasks you cannot do yourself you will need external contractors especially when it comes to electrics and plumbing. It’s advisable to get several quotes from different contractors but don’t just focus on the cheapest. If you need to stay elsewhere while the repairs are in progress remember to factor in these expenses as well.

Once you move in

If you move in an incomplete house, start cleaning any unfinished areas, remove the dust as much as possible as this can cause health issues further down the line. Avoid unpacking any item that is not required until the room it belongs in is fully finished. This will prevent your belongings from getting dirty, covered in paint or at worst being damaged. If you are lucky enough to have a room that is spare and doesn’t need to be finished until everything else is complete then make that the storage room. Place anything you wont need at the far back of the room with those items required in the near future at the front.

Keep yourself motivated with little measures of progress, plasterboard being put up to hide those wooden joists, a door frame being fitted, the bathroom suite being installed, the final coat of paint in the master bedroom being applied etc. Each phase brings you closer to completion, no matter how long it takes, stay motivated. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and from acorn grow Oak trees.

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