How to pack your kitchen when moving home


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How to pack your kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the most difficult room to pack and a big mistake many people make is to pack it last. We hope this article will offer some guidelines on how to better plan, your kitchen move.

Starting the packing process

Start by packing the items you wont be using in the coming days / weeks depending on how much time you have given yourself. These could be the coffee grinder, baking trays, the cake mixer etc.

Consider the different weights and sizes of your kitchen items

Different box strengths and / or box sizes will be required:

  • Small / Double-walled / strong boxes for fragile items like plates, crockery and glassware.
  • Medium sized boxes for less fragile items like pots, pans, cutlery and other small kitchen appliances.
  • Large and relatively light boxes for non-fragile items such as plastic bowels, baking trays, racks and colanders.

Throw away things that you no longer use

This speaks for itself but items that are usable and clean can be donated to charity or sold online, equally when it comes to food if you have canned food it makes more sense to give it away than to move it.

Materials for wrapping

Have plenty of paper to wrap fragile items separately. You can use newspapers, old magazines, cloths and tea towels to do this, you can even use bed linen and pillow cases. It is also a good idea to have plenty of bubble wrap for additional protection of delicate items such as wine and champagne glasses.

Rolls of tape, bubble wrap, labels and permanent markers

Ensure that you have enough labels, tape, bubble wrap and markers suitable for the move, too much is better than too little.  Often, people underestimate significance of labels and the amount of tape needed which will result in some items being poorly packed and subject to damage.

Very fragile plates

For plates that are exceedingly fragile, position them on their sides (with bubble wrap/protection in between). This position will help them bear up any bumps during loading and transit. To avoid breakages learn how to pack fragile items.

Smaller items inside larger items

Pack smaller items inside larger ones where possible, this will save space and protect them as well.

White goods

Prepare your white goods for moving 24hrs before departure, if possible clean the sides and the rear so that they can be placed straight into their new position in your new home. Fridges and freezers need to defrost first, remember there may be a lot of water coming from the bottom of the unit depending on size so make sure you have towels on the floor to soak it up, especially if you have wooden or laminate floors as this excess water may cause them to bubble and warp. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the removals company keep fridges and freezers upright at all times even in the van, modern appliances cannot be laid flat due to the gases inside. Once at your new property leave the fridge freezer to settle for 3 hrs before plugging back in. Obviously any food in the fridge should be thrown away or preferable given to friends or neighbours, except that bottle of wine of course you are going to need that one you have finished for the day. Our man and van team are fully aware of best practises when moving white goods, our competitors may not be so going for a cheaper quote may end up costing you several hundreds of pounds.

Packing essentials

It is advisable to reserve a box for essentials, they’re the things you need for the last few days of your stay – plates, cleaning products, cutlery, first-aid kit etc. This will be one of the last items on the removals van or in the car with you.

Packing properly ensures your kitchen items’ safety so ensure that you have the right packing materials. We can provide you with quality packing boxes and other moving essentials. Feel free to contact us to discuss man witha van services or use the information on the right.

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