How to pack your electronics correctly when moving house


How to pack electronics items safely and correctly when moving house

If you are anything like me then your home electronics are amongst the most treasured and luxurious items you possess. So you want to be certain that they are safe and sound when being transported, especially the 50″ plasma TV. Packing them is an art, and above all, an art worth mastering. Hopefully you still have the original boxes that the equipment came in. Proper packing not only reduces the risk of damage, but also saves you time and energy during the moving period. So how do you go about packing electronics?

1.     Remove batteries, cartridges etc

Prior to packing your electronic appliances, remove items such as ink cartridges, and batteries. Batteries when left for long periods of time can overheat and corrode the terminals, while on the other hand, ink / toner can spill / leak in case a printer is bounced about and stored up the wrong way. Keep the removed items in a seal-able container or bag. Also, remove CDs, DVDs and other media from your electronics.

2.     Mark cable configuration

Before disconnecting any electronic machine that has numerous cables use coloured stickers to mark the configuration, if they aren’t already colour coded. This makes putting it all back together so much easier especially if it is a home entertainment system with surround sound speakers. Alternatively take a photo on your mobile phone or tablet prior to disassembling the device.

3.     Back up data

Backing up data on your PC and other data storage devices will prevent the loss of information should an item be broken or worse go missing during the move. Best advice is to back up to ‘the cloud’, many companies offer this now and most are free up to a certain MB. Have a look at Google Cloud here to backup up all your treasured photos and important files.

4.     Find fitting boxes

When packing electronics or general appliances, the original packaging is usually the perfect fit for transportation. The original box is designed to hold your device firmly, preventing it from sliding and giving it an extra support. However as space is key you probably don’t have these any more so you will need to improvise, try finding a similar shape and size from your local electronic shop. Find one that is firm, in perfect condition, and fits tightly to your device. Avoid packing static fillers or polystyrene peanuts which can conduct electricity through friction.

5.     Keep cables and accessories with devices

Accessories and cables can be easily misplaced during the move, to avoid this store all cables and parts together with the actual unit. By storing everything jointly, not only will you avoid misplacing the accessories, but also save you time, and stress, when putting it all back together again.

6.     Label boxes clearly

The boxes containing your items must be labelled clearly, so that the movers can be careful during the whole process. Use a permanent marker to write things like ‘Stand This Way up’, ‘Do Not Stack’ or “Fragile”. For extra protection, clearly mark what device is in each box.

7.     The large flat screen or Plasma TV

Plasma TV’s must be transported upright and cannot be laid flat, contrary to popular belief this is not because of gases inside the screen being affected but simply that the screen can crack if something is laid on top. The strength in the unit is top to bottom, the weak part is the screen through to the back which has no support. Similar applies to non-plasma large screen TV’s, they must be wrapped in bubble-wrap or blankets and if at all possible a sheet of MDF cut to size on the screen side just to make sure. As you will probably understand that the value of the TV is in the screen so if it cracks its pretty much worthless.

You will need to lay it down to remove the stand but when doing this make sure you have blankets on the ground and that all cables have been removed from the rear.

Above all when moving your belongings, especially electronics, you want a house removals company with the right skills, knowledge, and necessary equipment to protect your investment. That company is us and you can rely on our expertise and see the difference. Reach us on 020 3327 7300 and speak to one of our manwithavan booking advisers.

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