How to pack your bathroom when moving house


how to pack your bathroom

Ultimate guide on how to pack your bathroom when moving house

Ok, so maybe your bathroom doesn’t look like the one in the image, I know mine certainly doesn’t but if it does well done! The bathroom is an essential area in your home and packing these items require some extra keenness. It’s only when you move that you realise how sensitive the room is from packing half-empty bottles of shampoo to all those personal hygiene items you can fill several boxes just with these.

Before packing anything ensure that you have a good sort out, throw away those unnecessary items and almost empty bottles? Do you need to take the nail polish you no longer like? If something is unimportant just throw it away.

Your next step is to categorise your toiletries. The items that are used daily/frequently should be packed in a separate box to avoid any inconvenience on your first night in your new home. Things to include are toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, favourite shampoo, hairbrush etc.

Tips for packing

Breakables – If you are packing fragile items such as mirrors and glass bottles, wrap these in a hand towel or any other safe packing material. Do not wrap more than two bottles in the same towel. Look around the house for anything else that can be used to wrap delicate items such as clothing, blankets etc.

Opened bottles – When packing opened or half-full bottles it’s important to be careful in order to prevent leakages. There is specific packing papers designed for this job but if you do not have any you can try to be creative by using other materials to prevent the bottle lids from popping off during the move.

Medicines – For medicines, make sure that any open drug is packed by itself. Keeping different medicines in the same container can prove dangerous and its better to be safe than sorry.

Linen – Be sure that all bath mats, towels, and shower curtains are dry before packing. When dry you can use them to fill spaces and gaps in your packing boxes or provide extra cushioning. If you pack when wet they will either produce mould or worse weaken the box lining and everything falling out into the street.

Appliances – Pack the small appliances such as hair clippers and razors in their original boxes before stacking them in a packing box. Especially electronic razor where the sensitive heads, that’s the expensive part, can be damaged.

Label – If your new house has multiple bathrooms, visibly label each box to show where it should go. Use phrases like “Main bathroom”, “Guest bathroom” or “En-suite” to identify what goes where.


As you pack your bathroom effects, carefully observe the weight. Individual bottles may appear light but when many are packed together, the box can get heavy. If in doubt, use several smaller boxes as opposed to a large single box.

Keep cleaning products separate from other toiletries. It is wise also to confirm in advance, if the authorities in your area allow moving companies to transport cleaning products, or you will have to transport them by yourself.

Confirm use by dates of all drugs, and throw out any that seems spoilt. Dispose them properly in your nearby household hazardous waste facility.

Lastly, to ensure that all your bathroom effects and other belongs arrive to your new home safely, and in one piece, you need to find a reliable and experienced removal company. At BYMV our man with a van team will take care of your personal items,  we are not only the largest but also the most trustworthy man and van company in London and the surrounding Home counties. For any questions concerning our operations, contact us on 020 3327 7300 and one of our advisers will give you an accurate quote with a price that cannot be beaten.

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