How to ensure your moving day is child friendly


child friendly

How to ensure your moving day is child-friendly

Moving to a new town is exciting to us all, but this may not be the case for your children. Believe it or not they have a sentimental feeling towards the environment they once lived in, revolving around routine and familiarity, and need special attention during the moving process as they don’t quite know what to expect in their new home and environment. So, how can you ensure that your precious little ones remain calm and composed on moving day?

There are several books published on this subject matter to deal with children who are hesitant about moving, take some time to research ahead of the move. However if you are moving with a baby then maybe should take a look at this article to help you.

Children vary, as you know, so the level of affect it may have on a child varies, also age is a factor too. Most children will sail through without any trouble at all but some may experience one or two of the symptoms below, these are normal reactions to stress and a lack of understanding on how to deal with it or communicate their worries, just keep an eye on them;

  • bed wetting
  • become clingy, shyness
  • refusing to eat
  • insomnia, or change their sleep patterns
  • may become aggressive
  • lack of concentrating
  • head and stomach aches

It may be that these symptoms don’t come out until after the move so please bear that in mind, the key to solving this is to spend quality time with you the parents so please make sure you give them plenty of attention.

Preparing them

Start talking about the move way in advance, tell them about their new environment, if possible take them there several times so they can become familiar. If you cant then maybe you can use Google Street View and sit with them exploring areas that will interest them like parks and other recreational facilities. Take them with you when possible to view the new property before you move in, let them explore the house on their own. Don’t panic if they don’t spend every waking moment talking about the move but as you all know they have short attention spans so quickly move onto the next topic of interest to them.

Get them involved

The best way for children to enjoy the moving experience is to involve them in easy, fun and interesting tasks, these could include preparing the moving day snacks, packing their toys, labelling boxes, oh and not forgetting ‘popping the bubble-wrap’. Most tasks are relatively simple but they still need to be done so getting your children involved will not only get the job done but also make them feel part of the move itself. Above all, ensure you give them a chance to choose how they want to participate during the entire process.

Have a cool farewell party

Moving from a place your kids have lived for a big part of their life can be quite upsetting, this may not show on the surface but it is well documented to be lurking underneath. Ensure they leave feeling positive about it by organising a simple party on your final day in your old home. Talk to your children about what kind of party they would like to have and invite their friends, maybe they could make gifts for them as keepsakes and exchange messages of goodbye between them.

Do not pack all the toys

Ensure that your child’s favourite dolls and toys are easily accessible and make sure they are one of the last items to be loaded onto the removals van. This way they can be occupied quickly when you arrive at the new house, otherwise they could start getting impatient. Having their favourite games and toys on hand will keep them happy and calm throughout the big day.

Ensure food is available

Everyone gets a little obstinate when they start getting hungry, and I am no exception, particularly kids, so make sure that they had enough to eat to get them through the move and also make sure you have lots of snacks readily available for for them to pick, kids love snacks and this will make them feel as if they are on a road trip rather than in the middle of a nightmare.

Hire a removal company

Bringing in the experts to help you with the move is one of the most important things to do when moving with kids. Leaving the strain of moving to professionals will give you more time to spend with your children so they wont feel neglected. It’s easy when under pressure to snap at children and the last thing you want is to upset them even if they do push your buttons.

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