How to ensure that clients know about your office relocation

let clients know about your office relocation

How to ensure that clients know about your office relocation

If you are planning to move your business premises one of the most important things to do is to notify your entire business network and clients about the move. Relocating office without notifying them where you are moving to is like throwing a house-warming party and not giving out the address! You especially want to make sure that your loyal clients know why and well in advance that you are moving.

The last thing you would want to do is make them feel uncomfortable by the move. It is vital to inform them as early as possible preferably at least 4-6 weeks before the move itself. Living in an electronic era is handy compared to the past as there are several ways of notifying your clients.

  • Manual post letters and flyers – You can provide customers with details regarding your new office by sending them letters or flyers containing a map and directions. Maybe you could combine this with an offer to entice them to use your services or products straight after you move. This is why it is important to manage your contact database effectively preferably using a CRM package.
  • Email – This is a very fast approach to getting the message across. A good way to achieve this is by sending out newsletters containing the moving details. However, be careful not to get your emails filtered or marked as junk, also if you attempt to do this yourself and you have a large database you domain could be flagged as SPAM by the internet service providers, this would put you on a blacklist for a period of time so its best to outsource this task. There are many email marketing services to choose from, you could have a look at MailChimp who provide email marketing services for this exact task.
  • Official website or blog – Include the moving details on your company blog or website. Ok so it’s an informal method of sharing news, but it gives you more freedom to discuss how the move will benefit both your business and your clients. you could have a banner at the top of the page or even a pop-up on the home page, ask your web developer to create a page about the move detailing the benefits of moving.
  • Telephone – Another technique of effectively informing customers is by adding a recording on your welcome message, music-on-hold and on all your voice-mails for each extension, a great place to have this done is at Fiverr, you can have a high quality voice recording done for around £20.00 announcing the date of the move and the new location. Your staff can as well change their office voice mail information to incorporate details of the move. Most importantly, this will notify even potential new clients of the change.
  • Banners – A banner or sign could be ideal if your business receives a lot of footfall at the old office location.

Ultimately pick the combination of approaches that perfectly suits your business needs. Unambiguous notifications well in advance can reduce existing customer loss and help you draw your customers with you.

Feel free to contact us on 020 3327 7300 if you ever need an office move. We can provide you with a competitive man with a van price or multiples of men and vans depending on the size of the move. We appreciate that office moves are time-sensitive and have developed a methodical approach to moving businesses which has proven to be successful over the years.

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