Handy home automation smartphone and tablet apps for your home


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Handy smartphone and tablet apps for your home

With both the Google play store and the Apple app store having hundreds of thousands of apps available it’s not easy to separate wheat from the chuff so to speak.  It is an overwhelming task to decide on the most suitable apps to download for your home. Here is a compilation of apps all meant to make life quicker and easier at home. You will find these apps on Google Play and Apple iTunes Store, you will need to check below for each app as some are only available for IOS or Google’s Android.


If your TV and phone are sharing the same Wi-Fi network, just speak your commands, like “Find comedies”, or “Record Game of Thrones”, and DirecTV DVR will conform to the commands. Remotely, you can convert your iPad into a mobile TV and watch your favorite movies everywhere you go, or set the DVR to record your preferred shows from anywhere.  This app is free and compatible with both Android and iOS.

Cookpad Recipes

Cookpad allows you to post and share your personalized recipes with thousands of people from around the world. It also gives you a chance to be inspired by other cooking-enthusiasts. From extravagant Michelin style dishes, to small family recipes, you will certainly be spoilt for choice with this app. One of the most popular features in this app is where you list the ingredients you have and receive suggestions for relevant dishes. The app is available on Google Play and iTunes.


Snapguide is the ideal app for those lazy Sundays. It provides unique and great ideas to pass time, and make some exceptionally cool things. If you wish to learn “how-to” for various activities including DIY, fashion ideas, recipes and general life-hacks this app is just right for you. It’s available on Apple iTunes App store for IOS.


Homestyler is the ideal app for envisioning how a room could appear in 3D, with fittings and furniture you may have thought of purchasing. How would you feel if you bought seats that cannot fit in your small living room? Visually seeing how an item would appear in a building can save you much time and money. You can even review some professional portfolios also for inspiration to stimulate your creativity. Homestyler is available on Google Play and Apple iTunes App store.

iHandy Carpenter

Most people misplace items from their toolbox, which can be frustrating especially if you are halfway through repairing up a shelf. Fortunately, iHandy carpenter has 5 amazing features readily available on your fingertips. They include; a surface level, a steel ruler, a spirit level, a steel protractor, and a plumb bob. This app is available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

Home Automation Systems

In the past these have been a figment of the imagination but today this is an affordable reality. Starter packs can get you up and running in the way of security, heating, entertainment and light, you can then add on as you go spreading the cost over a period of time. The best part is that these systems can be managed by apps on your smartphone, tablet and IOS device.

Although wireless systems are available the hard-wired option is more reliable. The best scenario of course would be to have the system wired in as the house was being built, I am sure that in the future this will be the case. Once you have decided to go down this path you need to choose the system, with so many on the market which one do you go with? What we can’t do is answer that one for you but what we can say is start looking on the Google Play store and Apple iTunes App store, look at the number of downloads for each app sort by the highest to lowest then from top down start to read the reviews left by others, this will at least give you an idea of how user friendly the system is.

All in all, make your home a comfortable place to live in. In current times virtually everybody has embraced technology even us we try to make our moves cost-effective, safer and efficient by embracing technology to help track the man with the van. Please feel free to leave a comment about your favourite app that is not listed here so we can add it for others. In addition, if you would wish to move anywhere in London, drop us an email using the addresses on the right and we will promptly respond to your request.

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