From an HR perspective how do you manage change for an effective office move?


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From an HR perspective – Managing change for an effective office move

Moving office is a big achievement in the life of an organisation. A change in working environment brings about several benefits. No matter how much planning a successful change is rare, statistics show that ninety percent of “corporate change” initiatives do not meet their objectives and fail to meet planned goals.

It is the perfect opportunity to embrace a fresh corporate image, enforce new processes and team reorganisation, all of which result in a positive impact on employees’ morale, momentum, productivity, and staff retention.

However, before an organisation can fully undertake this big step, it is vital to consider the effect the move may have on your employees. How an organisation manages the change process for employees during an office removal is critical, especially if the employees have worked with you for a long period.

Human Resource (HR) will be required to play an important role from the planning stage through to the move, and thereafter, to ensure that the staff;

  • Feel involved in the move
  • Can raise any concerns regarding the move
  • Can give suggestions regarding the move

Failure to address or listen will result in resistance that doesn’t end with the move but continues into the future. If the reason for your moving is to expand or amalgamate with another organisation this will involve even more nurturing and change management as this goes way beyond a physical and location change.  It may signify a company restructure or changes in ethics and operations which can be even more disturbing for employees.

Managing employee expectations

Preparing your employees for the move is essential, some staff will be positive about the change whilst others may be worried how the move is going to affect their position and also lifestyle. Will the change affect how they commute to work, especially the travel time, their working hours, or any other personal issues such as parking availability. Effectively managing the relocation of your staff will reinforce the relationship and create an lasting, positive experience of the move to their new environment.

The trick is to offer a clear and a comprehensive message to justify the office move, lease expiry, growth etc. Keep the employees up to date throughout every stage of the move and ask them for comments and suggestions which can be executed in the new premises, this will help to reduce resistance.

Change management after the move

Change management does not end with the move, issues will occur as soon as you move into your new office. The ongoing company to staff relationship is will be impacted by his or her experience of the move. It is vital to ensure that individual employees are settled in your new premises and are fully equipped to perform their job successfully.

Ask them for feedback after the move to see if they can suggest any improvements or recommendations. Though it may not be possible to implement them all it will improve communication between you and your employees and assist in settling them into the new working environment.

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