Compare the Man and Van ???

compare the man and van

Compare the Man and Van ???

Many sites now offer price comparison between providers, this really took off at the turn of the century and dominated primarily by the insurance sector. In latter years this has moved on to all sectors including Pet Insurance to Drug and healthcare, the latest being to compare the man and van. Unfortunately it has been recently disclosed that comparison sites favour those providers who offer the highest commission, major fail!.

Secondly a site that suggests a service provider in return for commission cannot be offering the best value for money can it? Surely there will be a sum already built into the final price to allow for the commission paid, one recent study found that the referral fee for a man and van provider was over £6 per lead, an operator could respond to 100 leads winning only 10%, so that’s £600 spent for a total revenue of £1000, with an average job value of £100, sorry but the sums just do not add up!

In a recent test with a known man and van comparison site it turned out that the drivers actually worked directly as sub-contractors for the company, this would suggest that the comparison prices are just a ruse and that no matter which one you select you will receive one of their sub-contractor drivers anyway.

Key Points

  1. There is no vetting involved
  2. They don’t offer any value to the end user
  3. They are of no benefit to the providers paying for leads who are forced to bid down to win a move
  4. Dealing with a man with a van company direct is the only way forward.

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