Common plumbing problems that you should be aware of when moving house in London


common plumbing problems

Common plumbing problems with houses in London

London has a fantastic and rich history and this has made it a popular place to settle. However there are always disadvantages associated with a big city like London. If you are planning to move to your new London home then you need to be aware of some common plumbing problems that you may come across. Plumbers based in, or who work predominantly in London will be able to help you and possibly give you some priceless advice before you invest.  Here are two common plumbing problems that you may encounter when moving house.

Leaky fixtures and pipes

When you are purchasing or moving to a new home in London a plumber should be among the first outside advisers you ought to seek advice from. They can help you make a decision if the leaky pipes in your house are a simple and quick fix or something which will take both time and money to repair. If they are just leaky pipes it calls for sealant or joint fixing. However, if the leak is large or has been leaking for a long period then maybe this has caused damp in the walls and floor joist structures or possible the ceiling plasterboard is loose and needs to be replaced, it may not be worth the trouble.

On the other hand, if the fault has to do with the fixtures like sinks or toilets, then you may not wish to handle that yourself, hence getting the opinion of a specialist is a wise choice.

Hooking up and buying new plumbing appliances

Purchasing and hooking up new plumbing appliances is among the things that you need to reflect on if you are looking to move in a new house. It is imperative to ascertain the intricacy of installing new plumbing appliances, or in the case of any renovations, moving old ones from one position to another, although it may seem like a DIY option making a mistake can create havoc as water just doesn’t know where to stop.

One experience we can share was a DIY attempt in a maisonette apartment to replace a steel water tank with a new larger plastic one in a loft, repositioning it just a few feet away, the supporting roof joists were used as a platform for the new tank but no upright supports were put in place. A week later whilst the tenants were out for the day the joists gave way bringing the tank and 100 gallons of water down onto the lounge ceiling causing irreparable damage. It doesn’t stop there though, the 100 gallons proceeded down through the wooden floors to the lounge of apartment below. I wish we could say it stopped there but no, the now open water pipe in the loft pushed water out at mains pressure for another 9 hours causing thousands of pounds worth of damage not to mention the disruption to the 2 families.

A specialist and qualified  plumber is best placed to tell you how troublesome it is to move that tank or those pipes,  a plumber’s advice comes in handy under these circumstances.

After the guidance from the plumber, (hoping the feedback was positive) it’s time you looked for a reliable man with a van service to help you relocate to your new home. Home removals requires an experienced company, you don’t want the excitement of relocating to a new home ruined by careless movers.

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