Are you planning to move in together?


moving in together

Planning on moving in together?

Moving in together is very stressful and to many people, it is the ultimate love test. First, there are vital things you should consider before moving in with somebody.  Discuss everything, even those things that you deem trivial. Things ranging from the type of guests you wish not to entertain in the house, to who gets more closet space, should be discussed openly and frankly.

The greatest relationship advice for those moving in together is that, they should be prepared to compromise on several aspects of life.  Here are some ways to merge your lives and remain in love.

Whose home?

Will you relocate to his house, or it’s vice versa? Alternatively, it might be time to search for a whole new residence that says “us”. All the same, the best thing is to find a new abode together. In this case, no one feels more important than the other does.

Inventory time

Each of you must inventory everything – separately. Afterwards, combine your lists and scrub off the unnecessary items before you merge your lives. Tip-off: No one actually needs three toasters. Inventory will as well give you an opportunity to tidy up in preparation for your move. Remember to be kind though. Your boyfriend could have sentimental attachment to that malfunctioned VCR, or your girlfriend could have been gifted that old necklace from her grandma. Inventory does not imply   “insult” time!

Makeovers and money

If you are relocating to a new home, that’s good news, do your first home redecoration together, it’s fun. On the other hand, although makeovers are exciting, moving in together might be the first time you discuss about finances. Finances can be tricky to talk about, but transparency is vital when you are moving in together. Above all, set out expectations prior to your move by creating a reasonable budget and sticking to it.

Removal Company

Picking out a dependable removal company can be the foundation to a happy relationship. You do not want a house removal company that will make your move a nightmare. Besides, fall out and quarrels are things to avoid on the first day together.

At BYMV we can guarantee you van delivery services that will leave positive memories on your mind. Our friendly man in the van staff will take time to listen to all your concerns and see that everything is done professionally as it should be.

There is some more information on moving in together here

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