5 Types of house mates you may not wish to move in with



5 Types of house mates you may not wish to move in with

Ok, so photo above aside (I am sure that these guys are far from any of the below) residing with any one of the following characters is not easy, don’t get me wrong I am not saying I have ever lived with any of these, they are the type you would avoid at all costs but for some fateful reason you find yourself living with them. Regrettably here at BYMV we cannot help you evict these monsters but we can help you relocate to a new home with a man with a van and hopefully a home that is far-off from these hellish house mates. Here are some of the characters we are talking about.

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1.     The stinker

Grab the air freshener as our first horrid house mate really leaves a stench around the house. This character is responsible for the overflowing bin, stack of dirty clothes and piled up dishes. This house mates makes living intolerable as every time you walk past them you have to pinch your nose to avoid the smell that fills the surroundings.

2.     The clean freak

Nobody likes a dirty home but the clean-freak exaggerates everything when it comes to cleanliness. This character will vacuum at the most ungodly hours, always follow you with a mop, and react viciously if you accidentally drop something on the carpet or sofa. Don’t be misguided into thinking that the idea of a routinely clean house makes living with this character worthwhile, they’ll keep on cleaning no matter how spotless the house is.

3.     The loud one

This house mate will loudly play their favourite tracks (not yours) on repeat at every possible minute of the hour day or night, they shout instead of talking, and repeatedly wake up their mates as they plod around the house. If they play an instrument then prepare for the worst lol. Problem is that often these characters love confrontation too but don’t let this hold you back from telling them what’s what.

4.     The melodramatic

We are all aware of this one and in some way we enjoy their company. In fact the non-stop supply of gossip ensures that this character is never short of attention-grabbing content. When it comes to living with them however you will have a big problem, you may become the target and subject matter of their content, you will normally hear them spreading rumours and secrets (which they had earlier promised to guard) so be careful if you think you can trust this one.

5.     The ghost

This curious house mate prompts questions like “are they home?” They seldom leave the house, and if they do they avoid other people like plague. This character has completely no interest in socialising, in fact, having a conversation with this house mate is a rather remarkable feat in itself. Best left to their own devices let them be.

We wish you all the best if you share an apartment / house with any of the above 5. However it’s your life you can choose who to live with, why live with somebody who is unbearable. We are always ready to move you and our phone line is always open contact us on, 020 3327 7300 or drop us an email using the information on the right.

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