3 simple environmentally friendly moving tips you can follow


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3 simple environmentally friendly moving tips you can follow

Are you planning to move house soon? Excited? The majority of people moving home are understandably more stressed and worried about the moving day than any other thing. They forget that there are other many aspects associated with moving and ensuring the whole process is environmentally friendly, is one of them.

We as a business are aware of the impact we have on the environment. If you are planning to relocate it’s wise to do it responsibly. Keep reading on how to achieve this. To help us build this important section out if you know any other environmentally friendly moving tips, please leave your comment below.

1.     Move less

It is all too common to see people moving unnecessarily and unused possessions simply thrown in the bin where they could have been recycled, either at the local amenity site or re-purposing on eBay / Gumtree,  or donated to local charities where they can be put to good use for the less fortunate. Its common sense, the fewer items you need to move the less fuel the moving van, or your car, will consume.

Though it is encouraged to carry only essential items this does not mean that unnecessary items should be disposed of carelessly.  Some household items like faulty electronics and especially fridges can be harmful to the environment. Therefore it is advisable to follow the standard environmental procedure when disposing of them.

2.     Invent your own packing materials

Packing materials have come along way in recent years for an environmental perspective, almost all are now recycled, however they are expensive! Rather than purchasing packing materials why not try using environmentally friendly packing materials that you may already own? You can use current or old clothes to wrap fragile items instead of bubble wrap, reusing old clothes is an inventive environmentally friendly approach to packing fragile items. Old newspapers and magazines that you have laying around, blankets to cover furniture, pillow cases to carry clothes or even shoes for example.

You could go to your nearest retail store that are probably more than willing to supply you with boxes for free, use these boxes to pack your items rather than purchasing brand new ones. If you do opt to purchase packing materials ensure that the products you are buying are recyclable. Many removal companies use or sell recyclable packing materials so it’s crucial prior to the move to check if this is an option.

3.     Clean your old place spotlessly using natural ingredients

Whether you have opted to sell or rent it’s good to leave the old place clean. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean your property is one sure way of protecting nature. Stay away from typical household ‘chemical’ cleaning products and be wary of gimmicky labels that say the products are ‘organic’ or ‘natural’. If you do not know where to get genuine products, you can simply make them yourself. Amazingly, you can get most of the ingredients from your kitchen;

  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lemons
  • Baking soda
  • not forgetting water of course

If however you are too busy to clean yourself hire professional home clean team and ask them if they use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We are dedicated to minimising the environmental impact of our operations from our van delivery services. Our environmental policy is clear, we try to make all moves as environmentally friendly as possible. Let us join hands and save our environment. Go green by opting for our services, give us a call today.

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