10 most overlooked things you should remember when moving house


overlooked things when moving house

10 Most overlooked things when moving house

Sometimes, the smallest mistakes in life lead to the direst of consequences. This is often the reality when it comes to moving house. When relocating, people neglect things which later turn into a nightmare.

Following are 10 tips for moving house, which are usually overlooked but can damage your property, belongings, or may even pose a risk to the people helping you move.

  1. Remove light bulbs from lamps and pack them separately prior to the move. Whilst in transit light bulbs are prone to breakage. This may lead to further damage of your items or even cause injury to you and the movers.
  2. Some people tend to think that they can save space by transporting belongings inside wardrobes and drawers. This also can result to a lot of damages as well as injuries to the movers.
  3. When packing fragile objects, such as kitchen glassware and crockery, fill voids with rolled up cloth or paper to minimize the probability of crushing. Smaller items might also get into such voids, causing damage. Any broken ceramics or glass resulting from such breakages might lead to injuries.
  4. Have a first aid kit near, throughout the course of your move.  Moving house is a tricky process and you might require quick access to medical supplies.
  5. Secure ample parking space for the removal van prior to it’s arrival. If your moving company cannot get quick access to your new home, you may end up wasting time and money.
  6. Change your locks the moment you move into your new home. This is meant for safety reasons.
  7. To prevent leaks, turn off your freezer and refrigerator a day or two prior to your move and make sure you have cleaned them well before they are moved into the removal van.
  8. Wrap all sharp items well, to prevent injury and to reduce the likelihood of damaging other belongings in your load.
  9. Remove the rotating plate from your microwave oven. People often forget this, and it may cause irreversible damage to the appliance.
  10. Secure the drawers and doors of all appliances and furniture with tape. This will ease difficulties in transportation and will reduce the probability of damaging other items.

After observing these tips, then you are ready to move. You can count on us on this. We are a professional removal company based in London and no job is too big for us. Our movers are highly motivated and experienced, and have worked in the removal industry for many years. We offer the most reliable man and van service so when you utilise our services you can be sure that we will deliver.Just sit back, relax, and watch us move, literally!.

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