Which is the best removal company to use in London?

best removal company

Which is the best removal company to use in London?

Moving is an important event and this is why choosing the most appropriate, cost-effective and professional company, is one of the necessities when relocating. The best removal company should conform to a number of standards. There are a few signs to look for which will hopefully tell you if it is the best company to use. The best moving companies offer quality services, excellent customer care, and conform to the regulations imposed on them by law. Apart from that, what else must the best company have?

  1. Does the moving company you want to use have positive reviews online? Research carefully and see what kind of feedback they are getting from their past clients, check their Google + Reviews page if they have one (if not ask yourself why not?), their Facebook page and Twitter feed fr any negative feedback. Bear in mind that ALL business at times suffer with service delivery issues. If a company has completed 20,000 moves in a year and you find 7 negative comments take this into account, thats not a bad batting average.  Any information that you encounter will be of great help in terms of decision making.
  2. Besides having positive reviews a man with a van moving company should have all the required licensing and insurances. Secondly, it should be a recognised company which is part of an association. This shows a level of guarantee of a well-organized move.
  3. Do a review of the company’s website, most claim that they are the best moving company around, but until you actually use them yourself do not believe everything you read. It is better to take precaution before hiring a moving company, than have a dreadful experience that will leave you seeking for damages in court.
  4. Its an industry full of 1 man bands and in thousands of cases small moves are superseded by larger, more profitable ones. Ask the question, “how many vans do you have” even a minor breakdown will throw your whole day into chaos if they don’t have a backup vehicle. Choose a larger company even if it means paying a little more just for peace of mind.
  5. Talk to friends, relatives and colleagues who may have just moved. These are the best placed people who you can rely on to give you accurate information on the best company to use or indeed the company you should avoid.
  6. The best moving company should be able to provide you excellent customer care, they should be able to answer all your questions and concerns in an appropriate manner. You have the right to know every aspect of your move so learn as much as you can from the company’s representative when you speak to them.

Next time you are planning a move consider this advice, with us you can be sure we meet all your requirements. We treat our customers respectfully as they are entitled to a first-class van with a van services without conditions.

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