Letting go of sentimental items when moving, is it that easy?

letting go of sentimental items

Letting go of sentimental items when moving, is it that easy?

When moving house it’s never easy to downsize and that’s a fact. Scaling down from that special family home full of great and happy memories to the virtually empty new home can be so emotional and stressful.

The challenge is usually how to handle those sentimental items such as photos and souvenirs from those family trips to Cornwall, childhood handmade crafts, teddy’s and toys that have been safely stored away in the garage or up in the loft for decades. Most of them are worthless in monetary terms but priceless in sentimental value and you just can’t seem to find that extra courage to dispose of them.

In the back of your mind you know you have to make the decision to create space for other important and new items and you don’t want to incur more costs by needing the largest moving van in town. In addition, you do not want to pack your new home with old unnecessary items. So, how do you sort what to dispose of and what to keep?

One of the problems is of course time, going through them all you will probably spend considerable time with each item reminiscing over each and every object, and rightly so. Try this and you will keep the memories alive and still save space in the moving van, as well as in your new home.

  • Sort through the stuff you will not be able to take with you and throw away anything that is damaged or broken.
  • Hidden treasures – you would be surprised how many items of value are discarded, if you are unsure use the internet, search on Google for the item, take a look on eBay to see what they are selling for or as a last resort take it to a pawn broker who will probably know what its worth and may even make you an offer you cant refuse.
  • Ask relatives what items they would like you to preserve and set aside accordingly. As these treasured items need to be preserved make sure you pack the fragile ones to avoid damages.
  • A good idea with old photos is to digitise them. Use a simple scanner or if you don’t have one one take a ‘picture of the picture’ on your mobile phone or tablet. You can pick the best photos and put them together in a single album. Post them to social media for safe keeping, create a private album on Facebook that only you can see for example, this will certainly save space.
  • Design your new stuff with old ideas. The sentimental colours and features from your old home will light up your new place, this could be an oil painting of the old home, an attractive colour you liked in a specific room, fireplace design, or even the configuration of the furniture.
  • Create a tribute to your previous home in your new by setting aside a glass display or a shelf of things you just cannot let go. Glass cabinets are perfect since they are transparent and because they are enclosed they stay dust free. Inside, you can keep items such as photos, ornaments, medals, trophies, recipe cards, key chains, treasured cookbooks or even a sentimental dish.

There are many other ways to maintain the essence of the previous home in your new residence, it just takes some creativity and teamwork. Now that you are ready to move, we would be more than happy to help you. We are a removal company based in London that is well recognised for its professionalism and unrivalled removal services.

We know how heartbreaking it is to leave your beloved home and by moving with us the entire experience we hope will not be that emotional. You will be amazed by what we can do. Check out our home moving services here.

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